The phone ringed

Someone said they found my uncle dead

That convo was passed around like flyers

I hoped that you weren’t on your way to some place higher

But we didn’t know how true the statement was

Didn’t know much about you, but I knew you still possessed my love

My mom, sister, cousin, and I awaited an update

Before this date, we lost an uncle a month before to COVID

In a year full of shocking deaths ,

I never thought I’ll be writing about your death

When the phone ringed, I stared out the screen door and took a deep breath

As an unexpected silence filled the air

As my family told my mother that her oldest brother was no longer here ,

I can still hear the loud screeching sound of her voice when she screamed

I can still see my sis and cousin comfort her in my head

My nephew started barking after his grandma cried, so I fled

To relieve the room of his barks ,

You’re gone but you’re still in my heart ,

I wish we still had time to get to know each other

I wish things went differently

But that time is gone but my love for you is still strong

R. I. P Uncle Steve

Disclaimer: This is my final words to a love one. The title is the date for when it happened. See you later uncle. Watch over me and your family.

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