I’m Growing

Weekly Thoughts 72: I’m growing

So the funeral was this week. It was quick. Sad as usually all funerals were. But if there’s one takeaway from it is that I received closure. Hearing memories of my uncle were good to hear. Got to know more about him and his love for Muhammad Ali. That’s something I see we got in common. The other thing is, the strength my grandparents showed was crazy. They didn’t shed many tears. Is it strength or do they just like to grieve in peace like me?

Something I noticed about myself this week is my confidence. At the funeral and home, I wasn’t jittery. Not jittery, but the term I’m looking for is anxious. I wasn’t so jumpy and scared of the eyes looking at me when I walk or even breathe. I was comfortable. Something I have never felt before. I guess that’s a perk from my weight loss.

I did something different this month with my phone. This is so random, but I created a wallpaper below. I wanted to place my goals on my home screen to keep me focused on what’s important. I would suggest that for you all. I did this using Canva. Do you know how many times you think about your goals? Probably 20% of the day. Compared to how many times you look at your phone screen.

Speaking of goals. I’m working with someone on getting goodbye text ready to go out next month. Considering my birthday is on a Tuesday, I plan on dropping it the Sunday beforehand or that Friday. Most likely Friday because that’s when new music drop.

Sometimes it’s about who you know. I told some people about my want to have a photoshoot with a backdrop and a fresh look from my usual street style. So my friends found someone with a reasonable price and we’re setting up for a shoot. I purchased my outfit for this day already. I have to order the boots soon and then those pictures will be released on November 17th hopefully.

I can’t complain about this year. Other than the deaths in my family and around the world. Life is good. My favorite spoken word that I created this year is about to hit stores. A real photoshoot is in the works. My weight continues to go down. Through all this madness that this year has brought us, it’s good to look at the positives for a change. I’m finally not looking at the negatives so hard and just enjoying life. I’m growing.

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