Writing Prompt #83

Writing Prompt #83: Write a poem saying goodbye to someone or something. It could be a happy poem, a sad poem, or both.

Goodbye Old Me
You had your time to shine
And boy did you waste it
Always worried about who hating
That was just time being wasted
Someone’s belief in you doesn’t define you
That part of me is buried along with the 200 pounds of extra weight
Goodbye to the guy that was filled with so much hate
Because he couldn’t accept the fact that if he stopped cleaning so many plates
That he wouldn’t be so depressed with his weight
You had your moment to accept yourself and you couldn’t
Now I accept every flaw
Stand on my burdens
Forget closing the curtains
Because K. 2.0 is just getting started
Goodbye to the old me
Now watch the new me Eat

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