Mentally scarred

Fighting an invisible battle in my heart

My heart hates my hands for not throwing a punch

I feel dumb when I look in the mirror

My brain feels like a loser for looking for a hero

Instead of being the hero

Past trauma got me stuck trying to figure out where to steer my life

I still want to fight

But that’s fight is already done

But these scars are not removable

But I am

No that’s the depression eating at me

I deserve to live

I just need to make a shift

My heart is scarred

My peers left a mark that can never be erased

Made me feel like a waste

Called me a waste of space

I heard that almost every day

Now they tell me I’m so great with this pen

I can’t even believe that’s their words being spoken

Honestly I don’t know what to believe

I just want to leave

So I can finally find peace

Is there even such thing as peace?

What is peace?

Do peace even know me?

I just wanted people to love me for me

And not what I am physically

It’s been so long is what I tell myself

Still the same emotions I feel

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