October Goals 2020

October Goals 2020: A new month filled with new opportunities. View them now.


The month of my brothers birthday

The month that holds every candy lover favorite holiday

The month where I hope not to lose another family member

It’s been 2 in the last 2 months

I can’t front

Like I had a deep connection to them but the hurt and pain I have seen on my momma’s face

My grandma’s face

Is hard to bear

Of course, I hope no one else nonfamily keep their life as well

Goal wise I have a few to complete

I want to post every day

I have taken a little break from that way

I have done it before so I know it can be done

The easiest way to do it is just to write a post every day

Stay ready for the next day

And the day after that

I have to get to 280

I am only 3 pounds away from it

After I hit my goal then we can worry about my body being fit

Its time I prepare for another poem

Being black was great

But no hate

I think goodbye text is better

Lastly, I’m chasing 2,000 views

I want to see it

I want to feel it

I want 2,000 views

The List:

  1. Blog posts every day: I miss dropping a post everyday. It does not just keep me busy, it’s also fun. I want that feeling again 
  2. Write a blog post everyday: I don’t care if it’s just scheduling a picture post. Create something every day. I miss so many days occupying my time with unnecessary things that won’t lead me further.
  3. Get to 280: My goal weight is 270 and this is just a stepping stone to that.
  4. Prepare a new spoken word: I’m ready to drop something new. Being black was months ago. I think it’s time we prepare to drop goodbye text.
  5. Get 2,000 views total for this month: We did it in the past. What’s stopping us now? Nothing

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