Found My Niche

Weekly Thoughts #70: Found My Niche

Do I finally have a niche? I think this blog is more about me than anything else. So I think it can be described as a personal blog or lifestyle blog. The poetry and stories to come are just other pieces of me. Another side of K.

Finally, I wrote a story. This has been a goal since the beginning of the year. I’m writing this story in parts so part 1 is complete. It’s being written like my last story. The Story Of Charles Levi where I wrote it with different parts to it. This story I rewrote from an old story I wrote for my anthology book in 2016. It is fun reading my old material and thinking of new ways to revive the old. I’m thinking of making a book instead of a story. I’m still processing the idea. Who knows what I’ll do but I will share it here when I do.

I created 3 new spoken word songs. I tried something new with one. I sang with autotune. Who does that? Me, I guess. It felt like it needed a chorus at the end and God didn’t bless me with vocals, so I improvised. I revived another old project. When I attempted to do self-confidence again.

Now I can’t help my mind been in the news and hip-hop world but it has. This man dropped an album after being silent for almost 3 months. Didn’t say anything but repeated what them fake blogs were saying but in songs. Provided a backstory to their life as if it matters. If I knew my killer my whole life does it erased the fact that he killed me? No. My mind has been on the internet as you can see. Then the reaction from it is he’s telling the truth because he put it in a song. Like we don’t listen to murder music from non-violent civilians every day on the radio. I’m done.

Lastly but most importantly, Breonna Taylor’s verdict. I wasn’t even surprised by the verdict. It’s something that’s been going on for decades. It can be evidence on top of evidence. Body cams and witnesses but it’ll all be the same. Then protest daily and they still don’t give a fuck. Change the race and the whole situation change. R.I.P Queen Breonna Taylor May God be with you.

How many more cases like this will there be?
How many times do people with this appearance got to die at the hands of the police?
How many more cover-ups will they come up with?
As many as they can until we all go stiff
Beyond pissed is what we are
We just want to be treated equally
Is that too much to ask for?
Your silence is enough for me to know we’re alone in this fight

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