Writing Prompt #81

Writing Prompt #81: An Unforgettable moment from your childhood

I remember Mayweather was having a pay per view fight
I was supposed to be staying over my pops house for 2 nights
But ended up back at my aunt’s house which was right next door to my home
Anyways the little townhouse was packed full of friends and family

A loud ooooh and a loud cheer every time Money slipped a jab and gave one in return
The fight had a lot of turns
But in the end, he came out on top
I went home with my pops to an empty apartment
We were exhausted from all the shouting and food that we encountered

Tick, Tick, Tick was the sound that woke me up
As I awoke from my beauty sleep on the couch in the living room
I squinted at the door and could see the movement of the lock
I was shocked

My heart was racing faster than a cheetah
I was the only person awake my pops was sleeping like a fetus
So I knocked on his bedroom door

While butterflies were flying in my core
After a couple of minutes, my pops opened his door
Before he could say what the front door opened
The alarm said front door open

Behind a wall, I stood
My pops peeked around the corner
The burglar peeked around the other corner
My pops ran at him and his tall lanky body turned around and ran out the door
That was my childhood memory

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