Lost Weight

Weekly Thoughts #69: Lost weight

How do you feel about Oscars Spoken Word? It was fun to memorize and perform in front of the camera. I’m thinking about doing another this weekend. Trying to memorize another poem right now. I just made the YouTube channel and I want to get active on there. Now I’m just trying to post once a week. Later I want to do more than just poetry. If you have been a follower awhile I have been mentioned wanting to be a YouTuber. Now I’m finally just doing it. Doing it scared but still doing it.

I want to drop a poetry book. Do people drop 2 different kinds of books in the same year? I have been thinking about it lately. I have a lot of poetry that has never been seen by the internet and some still on my phone that I know can impress some eyes. The question is which one? I have a book I have been sitting on for 2 years and another I have been sitting on for a month. So let’s just see. For me, if I do this I want to drop an album along with it. Like it is audible in a way but this time my voice. Like for Temptation, I want to grab 14 or 15 beats and perform those pieces in my home studio. Then drop it as an album. Maybe do some videos of me speaking each poem kind of like the little triller I did with my song Depression below.

I had another tooth removed this week. This one wasn’t hurting me but did have a giant hole in it. Like I could stick my of my fingertip in it. This time the operation wasn’t that bad. The dentist numbed me better and I felt no pain. In merely minutes the tooth was out and I was on my way. I even gave him a compliment on how great he was. Weird but it may have made his day. Then again he probably was ready to get out of that office considering I could hear his stomach growling with each pull. I remember thinking in my head, “Please god let the tooth come out. My man hungry right now.”

It’s so funny how lazy I am. After my tooth was pulled I had to do a clear liquid diet for 24 hours. That’s nothing to someone who did a liquid diet for 5 weeks. It’s funny because a doctor telling me not to eat is the only reason I lost 5 pounds this week. I’m so lazy I could have been at 270 but my brain is not a doctor. I tell myself to slow down all the time but I don’t. When I check my weight it’s always the same or a pound lower so I just do what I want sorta. I still avoid certain things and if I do eat a sweet it’s just a taste. Best believe I will never go back to my old weight.

In conclusion, it was a good week. Make sure you view Oscars. My views are so low it’s making me discouraged. I’m going to try to keep going anyway. Since we talked about books, go read the story of Charles Levi on amazon only 2.99 as an ebook and 3.99 as an audible. Yeah and that’s the end of these weekly thoughts. See you all next week.

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