Oscars (Spoken Word)

Today I have a new poem for you all. This is the poem I referred to in Weekly Thoughts 68: I lost it. Oscars came from a very depressing day. Still I hope you read and enjoy it. Or listen to it in my new Youtube video below the written poem.


I always said I wanted to act

You know so I can one day win an Oscar

That’s aiming high knowing I can’t act

Then I think to myself I been acting all this time

Do you know how many times I smile when I just want to cry?

How many times I crack a joke when I just want to tie a rope around my neck and just choke?

How many times I talk to my peers?

Just because being alone with the demons in my head is one of my biggest fears

I act every waking moment because what’s the point of talking it out with the people that made you feel this way

This very place I stay

Feels like the place where I’ll die one day

I act as good as Denzel sometimes

Then sometimes I just shut the door and cry my eyes out

I wish I didn’t have to take this route

Is some of the things I say to myself

Do you know how long I had these emotions?

For as long as I can remember

Each year I look to the 17th of November

Why? Cause that’s my birthday

I just hope that I can act good another day so I can see another birthday

That right there is my Oscar

22 Oscars so far

Will I get to see 23?

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