Writing Prompt #80

Writing Prompt #80: Use one, some or all of these words in a story or poem

Jar, paperweight, cloth, key, white, grip, flashlight, stone, shelf, mark, camera, run


Sometimes I wish I had a jar full of masks that will make me invisible to people like you

Like the fabric in its cloth will make me look like you

You know white


It’s not that I don’t like my color

But I wish I didn’t have to try and not act scared when I see someone wearing navy blue

When I see you drive past me then suddenly make a U-turn

Just the sight of you makes me want to put the pedal to the metal and go on a run


But when Brooks ran you shot him multiple times

When George surrendered you choked him

When Jacob walked away he was shot in the back

Literally, there’s no key to this lock called being black


When you walk up on my window and shine your flashlight

I just think to myself that there’s a chance today that I will see the light

You ask for my I.D while your grip is firmly placed on your weapon

Now all I can think of is a coffin is where I’m bout to be sleeping in


But I can’t let you know I’m scared so I try to keep composure

Relax and smile a bit for the camera your wearing

Sometimes I wonder why you even wear it

It’s not like a judge will actually rule against you when the racism holds their opinions down like a paperweight


This country is filled with hate

Between races and cops

I wonder when will it stop

Will it stop with another election?


It’s been 45 presidents and not 1 has even made war on black people a point of interest

Not until it became a trend from the protests

This idea of they care about us should be hung up on a shelf

There is literally slave owner faces carved in stone


We used to be owned like a piece of property

That’s a mark that can’t be covered

Did I use all the words yet?

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