I Lost It!

Weekly Thoughts 68:

A lot changed. For starters how did I find the perfect theme just to lose it 2 months later? I was planning to change my host to blue host but I couldn’t migrate my site. I tried different methods from different blog posts and YouTube videos but nothing seemed to work. I even tried to let someone do it for me but they didn’t respond for 3 days by then I had downgraded my plan and stayed here. Honestly speaking I downgraded because the business plan for a blogger just seemed pointless. I felt like I was wasting money year by year. So I lost my theme and my shop. Worth it? I think so.

Another how moment this week. I posted the Position Poem this week and mentioned how it was rather old feelings. Well, those feelings became my feelings a day later. Depression feels like a drug I can’t quit nowadays. It’s like a past lover that waits for my call or something. Am I depressed right now? Yes, it’s currently Thursday and I’m searching through apps trying to find something that will get me out of this depressing ass zone. I just want to be happy but happiness doesn’t live in this dome. It can’t when my wounds still haven’t healed.

It is now Sunday and I’m closing out this post after a rather long day of taking pictures at the United States National Arboretum. A rather fun time that I’ll be sure to add to the Perfect Shot Series. I think I got quite a few good shots. I just posted one on my Instagram that I edited with the help of adobe lightroom. The highlight of this week is that I completed a goal. I memorized a poem that I wrote this week while depressed called Oscars. Let me know in the comments what you think the poem is about based on the title. This week was fairly okay aside from my mental state. I hope to see you all next week. Oscars video should be dropping this week on my Youtube Channel. I’m in the process of trying to edit it without my MacBook. So anyways see you soon.

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