Position (Poem)

Today’s poem is fairly new. I have had it in my notes for a while and thought it was time to release it. If you are feeling any depression I think you should seek help and or view this blog for tips. Do’s and Don’ts When Depressed


Have you ever been in my position?

Where you’re filled with so many emotions

I wish I had a magical potion

To fix my heart and protect me from these demons


Everything ain’t always what it seems though

Whatever I do it’s never enough for you

I’m probably going die one day and you won’t ever understand

Because all you saw was little man man

You didn’t see the broken man


Hidden behind the smiles and glory

I’ll let this poetry tell my story

I now get why biggie made ready to die

Because he knew this shit wouldn’t last forever

I know this pain is not forever


One day I’ll have enough and leave or I’ll bleed

Have you ever been in my shoes?

Probably not because these some big shoes

Filled with broken hearts, a scarred soul, and a million smiles

And not one of them bitches is real


Try to hide your failures by your gifts like that make you real

Lord knows I want to be like tekashi and squill

But I’ll let you read it in dear mama 2

Ever since that day, I have been screwed

I replayed that day over and over in my head


You don’t know how many times I wish I could go back

But I know I’ll be in jail

And you would be crying talking through a glass

I’m just trying to escape my past

But my past keeps catching up to me


Lost weight but somehow I still want to be dead

So much pain in my heart

What would you do if you were in my position?

Would you fold when the memories replay in your head?

I have been reliving the memories since I was 13


I’m in my 20s still remembering your failures

How could you fail me?

And still, act like shit didn’t happen


Have you ever been in my position?

Where you relive the worst day of your life every day

Have you ever been in my position?

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