New Book?

Weekly Thoughts #67: New Book?

 I’m literally having the worst time changing hosts of my blog. I researched before making the move but I only had one plan. It seemed easy enough. Just export here. Go to the new site import. Login to my author account and keep all my followers so I don’t lose any of you and keep all the posts that I have scheduled intact. Then log in to Jetpack and still see all my stats. You know it’ll be as easy as moving furniture but I didn’t plan for if the couch didn’t fit through the doorway. But in this instance, the import fails to import.

So after writing that paragraph I have since had a change of heart and decided to keep my current hosting site. That was literally pointless. I couldn’t take anything. Some would sync and others wouldn’t. I gave up so easily now that I think about it. A refund already is done. There’s no going back now. It’s not like its an urgent change. Like it was needed.

Now I have been a little focused lately on my September Goals 2020. I recently started rewriting an old short story. I’m still working out the kinks. I kinda want to either make it a series of blog posts or make it a book. I like the idea I had when I previously wrote it. I still want to write a short story for the month so I’m still focused on that. But how does a new book sound?  Is it time for me to write a real novel? Do I have the support for that? That’s a big commitment. I really want to drop a poetry book next. So… We’ll see. I still feel like I have a lot to learn as far as marketing goes. There’s no point in my eyes, to sell a book to an empty room. We’re all creators who love feedback. I need to figure out how to promote better before I make that jump.

That was a quick little wrap up of my weekly thoughts. I did figure out which poem I want to memorize and recite in a video. It’s a long one that’s going to take a minute to really learn.  It’s a poem that’s apart of an upcoming writing prompt. Not the week coming up but soon after. I really like it but it’s long and I want to get it right. I will post the video here and my new youtube channel. Subscribe to it down below and view my first video.

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