September Goals 2020

September Goals


September a month to remember

The month where I put the pen to the paper and create a great story

No more sitting around saying I’m going to do it

Let’s just get to it


Next, we have to memorize

Another poem so we can utilize our mind to record a video

Where we show expressions through our face

So our audience can hear and feel these word leaving our mouth


I want to reframe from talking about the now just to bring clout

I want to do some storytelling

That’s compelling

That allows me to show off my acting chops that I so desperately want


We can’t front

Like if this pandemic never arrived

This 288 would have never survived

But we’re here now and 280 your mine for the taken


No more playing around

Just eating like we want to go back up

I’m done with that stuff

By the end of this month, I want to be sitting on 2,000 views

But that part is up to you


The List:

  1. Get to 280
  2. Write a Story
  3. Memorize a spoken word and record a video
  4. Get 2,000 views this month


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