August Results 2020

August Results 2020: A long month comes to an end. Let’s wrap it all up.


August I wanted to be entangled in some good news

But to my surprise more bad news

Lost my uncle to COVID

On top of that, we just lost Chadwick


Double fist to the chest, Wakanda forever

Seeing the news the other morning made me take a breath

A true legend

Had cancer for 4 years

And not once did he stop grinding


A true legend

2020 continues to take away our heroes

Lost black mamba and black panther in the same year

I hope its no more

The way it’s been looking I don’t know if I’ll be sure


More reopenings, more cases

How can you stop it, everyone just wants to go places

Take a mask everywhere that’s starting to become the basics

This month was so bad I barely got anything done


90% of this month I spent up late looking at the wall

Because my teeth had me in so much pain

I couldn’t sustain the pain


Went to the dentist and sustain more pain as they yanked and yanked

My tooth until the little 3-inch tooth released from my gums

Then honestly my other excuse

Was myself


Not because I was depressed

I was lazy

I  kept putting my to do list to the side

Until I realized


The month was over

I procrastinated for so long

Which was wrong

That the month came to a close

And I had no results to show


Outside might be stopped in place

But that doesn’t mean we have to stop in place

Pain doesn’t last forever

But this laziness will only keep us in this same place forever



The List:

  1. Get to 280
  2. Write a Story
  3. Drop another spoken word: I Dropped Being Black & ABC Poem
  4. Memorize a spoken word and record a video
  5. Get 2,000 views this month

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