No More Pain

Weekly Thoughts 66: No More Pain

 I missed a week. Man, I wish I had so much going on that’s why I missed it but sadly I was under a writer’s block. I couldn’t think of anything to put down on the pages. Now I think I’m ready.

 Since the coronavirus outbreak, I have been in the house. Only left maybe 8 times total. All in low capacity places. But last week I went to the zoo. It was fun hadn’t been since I was a teen I believe. Learned some new things. Like I never knew there were 2 different elephants. Asian and African. Never knew what a fishing cat was. But I did learn that the zoo is one big place. I’m trying to look fly but my feet were dying by the end of the trip. I was in so much pain felt like I walked 4 miles just to see the animals but it was worth it. I went with my sister and 2 cousins. Everyone enjoyed it.

 My toothache is finally gone. I had my tooth taken out on Friday and the pain is gone but I have another tooth to get pulled out next week. I’m not excited at all. That was literally the worst pain I ever felt getting my tooth pulled. It felt like someone was stabbing my gums with each pull. The tooth had to be cut in half and still, it fought like no other has.

 For 2 hours I watch men and women come in and out of the room to give their best tug. Like it was a sword stuck in a rock in one of them fairytale movies. The last one came in and he injected so much anesthesia in me. He called me boss and he gave me a few more tugs and then the pain finally stopped. The tooth was gone. Finally. They asked did I want the other one pulled now I said no. I felt like I just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. I didn’t want another tug for some days. Now I await Monday morning.

 I just started and finished Helium by Rudy Francisco this week. It was a great read. This was the first poetry book that I have read completely. I believe the first poetry book I tried to read was milk and honey. It just didn’t catch my attention enough for me to finish it but helium did. I like Rudy’s style of poetry. You know those poets that tell a story about their life that ultimately you think it’s just a story but really it’s a lesson in disguise that’s hidden behind witty punchlines and jokes that tries to play keep-away with the lesson that’s meant to influence you. I think my favorite poem out of this book was rifle. If you read the book or have read it. Tell me your favorite one. Here’s a link to a video of him performing Rifle On Jimmy Fallon Show

 Let’s move our way to this weight loss journey. I sat down Thursday and attempted to go through my shoe collection and it was so hard to see shoes that brought me so much joy barely hold on to my feet anymore. You know when I first started losing weight excessively, it was chatter that I may drop a size in my feet. But I didn’t believe it. Now 99% of my kicks are too big. I’m sad but happy at the same time.

 I use to wear between 15 and 16. Yeah I know big ass feet. But now I’m in a size 14 but it’s kinda roomy. Might go down another size. I’m sad that I can’t fit my favorites but I’m happy that I can start over. I can get a pair of those pumas that I so desperately desired. But my wide feet didn’t desire. I can get a pair of Yeezys if thousands fell from the sky. And I bumped my head on Kanye’s slavery was a choice line. The point is life changes for the better. Life is like a ladder. We keep moving up but there are obstacles on each step that we have to find a way through it. I can’t let this step make me sad or go back down or I can let it make me glad that I can start my style over again and keep going up. Build a new style. A new me.

 Honestly speaking, I confused myself in that last paragraph. Was going to delete but I’m going to move on and closeout on this weekly thoughts. Just realized that’s book 7 on the year. I’m proud of myself for that. To be an aspiring writer I barely read. This post is a long one I must say. If you would like to read more, follow this blog for more of my journey through this thing called life.

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