Soul Sing (Poem)

This is a real throwback to my first project to hit all streaming platforms back in 2018. This was one of my most emotional pieces on the emotional rollercoaster that was Poetic Gift. The end mixed with the hook provided by the producer just came together so perfectly.

Soul Sing:

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere

But you didn’t go because of fear

Have you ever seen the road to your dreams so clear

But you didn’t move because of fear

It’s so hard to steer

Steer my life when I’m driving this broke down car

I just want to go far

But the car I’m driving is something I refuse to move in

So many nights I wished it was the end

But I didn’t want to break only bend

Momma sees this as me wanting to blend

But it’s really about me not being comfortable in my own skin

I’m miserable but I keep my feelings in

Just hoping god let me see what happens after this surgery thing

Maybe it’ll bring back the old Kenneth

The one who used to smile

You know the one that was so happy before everything went wild

Before everyone did him so foul

You know I used to not care about my weight so much

Now I hate it so much

I’m just letting my soul sing

I been down in the dumps for so long

I been there for too long

I wish I could move

But I can’t go nowhere in this broke down car

I been down in the dumps for way too long

Way too long

Way too long

I just want to move

I just want to move

I just want to move

You gave me your name

Thought you was going to let me live my dreams

Instead I had to live your dreams

Now this box is where I stay at

This box is where I got to escape

Just to feel like I’m great

I get it your a parent

You did what you thought was right

But in the end, it wasn’t right

Cause now I live with all these regrets

All these emotions

I can’t even lie

Suicide has been on my mind

For the last 7 years

Every day I try

But I never prevail

Sometimes I feel like I’m just living in hell

I just wish I can get out

I think I would have been gone

If it wasn’t for these words that flow through my mind

That’s what poetic Gift comes from

It’s K. Exum

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