Let’s Write A Ekphrastic Poem:

Ekphrastic Poem: This type of poetry can be defined as a poem about an artwork. Whether you explain the meaning of the art. Or come up with your own narrative about bits and pieces inside the art. Or you write about what the creator feels about the creation. Lastly, it can be a story between the different species in the portrait. That last one is what I did with the picture and poem below.

Picture From https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/633683?searchField=All&sortBy=Relevance&what=Chiaroscuro+woodcuts%7cWoodcuts&ao=on&ft=*&offset=40&rpp=20&pos=56



War is supposed to be for the strongest

As I wave my sword in the air

Out the corner of my eye, I see a man full of fear

Running away

People begging for mercy

As if that’s going to stop the killing spree

Flags waving through the sky

We assert our dominance

Through violence

Looking on it reminds me of today

Fighting against a flag that was born out of hate

So much bloodshed because of the weight

Racism has carried for decades

No matter how many lose their jobs the hate for a certain shade still remains

Talks of violence, not being the way

But violence has been their way

Just like the art

It’s always violence against the defenseless

That leads to such defiance

Some get exhausted with all the begging and pleading for better

They get tired of running and praying for better

Bloodshed for people that sit in higher seats

Demanding for a defeat

Just to compete with other people

These aren’t leaders

They’re the exact opposite

Following behind others who want nothing but dominance over mankind

It will always be mankind versus a hungrier specimen

No matter if the key component is sexism or racism

They’ll do whatever to sustain the dominant feeling



Disclaimer: I found out about this type of poem from this article. https://putthisinyourbrain.com/write-ekphrastic-poem/ Hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to try this out on your own or in the comments below.

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