Writing Prompt #76

Writing Prompt #76: Choose an undesirable or misunderstood animal; create an argument for why this animal would make an excellent pet

I’m hated by most

Because of what my ancestors were taught

If seen in certain states I get a shot in my paw

It’s part of the law

I’m seen as dangerous

Without ever being seen acting as such

I just want to be loved

By people like you

I am sweet and kind

I can protect you if you teach me to

I get bigger than some and will always be by your side

I am a pit bull

I’m not dangerous like they say I am

Only when in the wrongs palms

When you first meet me I’m calm

I’m like any other dog in this world

If I’m taught to be nice

Then I’ll be nice

If taught to be aggressive

I’m aggressive

But really I just want to be loved by you

You know love makes us do crazy things

I just wish other states seen it this way

Disclaimer: I know pit bulls aren’t illegal everywhere but they are in some states. I just feel like they shouldn’t be. A poodle can be aggressive if you teach them to be. I just feel like the stigma for this breed is ugly. As someone who has been around pits a lot, I know they are sweet babies that are painted the wrong way. They had some bad people teach them to be bad. That’s not their fault. Wrong is wrong, right is right. If you are taught the wrong way then how you know what is right. Anyways see you next time with another post.

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