Tooth Ache

Weekly Thoughts #65: Tooth Ache

Lucky gets lost again. This time some kids found him and thought he belonged to my family. So we went out and showed them where he lived. They said they found him by the local market which is at least a half a mile away. It was interesting how when we returned him his owners didn’t even seem too concerned. Like they weren’t even looking for him. I know if that was my nephew I wouldn’t be able to relax without knowing he was safe and sound. Maybe that’s just me.

So I have like 4 Instagrams. I have the pieces of blog IG where I post excerpts from old blogs and new blog posts. Some unreleased poetry here and there. It’s where I keep the IG fam updated on new posts. Then I have my main account where I post myself doing poetry videos or just expressing my love for fashion through various photographs. Now I’m thinking should I at least post my new blog posts there as well or should I keep it how it is? I use to post written pictures but they barely got exposure and traffic. On pieces of k blog IG, it gets the attention it needs so… My other pages are my nephew’s account @celtictheyorkie & @cnotetheyorkie. I got locked out of the cnote one when I made a stupid mistake. Tried to take it up with IG but they have been unresponsive. Multiple emails but they’re useless. Then there’s my spam account. I kinda want to make it a finsta. You know those pages others make that’s theirs but it’s an uncut version. I have a lot of family on IG so I don’t know if I want to be uncut yet. But who knows. I could just block all of them and make it a private account. So maybe.

I must say this is literally the worst toothache I ever had. I went to the dentist to find out I either can have 2 root canals done or get both cut out via surgery. So that should be an interesting pick. Last night was the worst. I was attempting to record the ABC poem and I struggled. I kept messing up words. I kept switching between what tone and flow I wanted to do this in. Then every time I talk my top tooth would hit the bad tooth. It was a real pain to get that out. So make sure you view it. I still think it could have been better if I was 100%.

That’s the end of this week’s post. Hopefully, I won’t be in pain any longer. I have been taking antibiotics, but they haven’t taken away the pain yet. So I’m hoping they do. Until then like this post and follow if you would like to see more. We’re on a road to 300 followers. Every follow helps.


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