Let’s Write A Bio Poem

Let’s Write A Bio Poem: Today we are learning about how to write a bio poem. A bio poem helps the reader learn more about the poet. Think of it as your introduction to the reader. See the structure below along with the source and then my poem.



Line 1: First name

Line 2: Who is… (descriptive words that describe you)

Line 3: Who is the brother/sister or son/daughter of…

Line 4: Who loves…(three ideas)

Line 5: Who feels…(three ideas)

Line 6: Who needs…(three ideas)

Line 7: Who gives…(three ideas)

Line 8: Who fears…(three ideas)

Line 9: Who would like to see…(three ideas)

Line 10: Who shares…(three ideas)

Line 11: Who is…(three ideas)

Line 12: Who is a resident of…(your town)

Line 13: Last name

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/article-poetic-forms

My Bio Poem:


Who is creative, honest, and funny

Who is the son of Ruth

Who loves video games, writing, and making spoken words in the studio booth

Who feels happiness, love, and sometimes sadness

Who needs support, another Cole album, and success

Who fears failure, losing my brother and mice

Who would like to see a world without racism, peace in urban communities, and success on the stage mic

Who shares wisdom from experiences, jokes, and poetry

Who is an author, brother, and writer of poetry

Who is a resident of Landover



Disclaimer: If you made it this far. Thank you for reading and learning with me. Be sure to try this for yourself in the comments, on a note pad, or on your own blog. I stated the source above for where I got this idea so be sure to check that out. I’ll be back soon with another learning experience for you all.

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