Writing Prompt #75

Let’s keep the mental health prompts going. This was on the deleted website I had found. I don’t know how this wishful thinking would tie into mental health but nonetheless here we go.

Writing Prompt #75: What does your best day look like?

I would start the day with pancakes and scrapple from IHOP. I would try to chow down as much as I can with my tiny stomach. Then I’ll play with my cute little nephew as I rub my belly. Then I’ll take a shower and put on my best fit.

Then I would go to the store and shop with someone else wallet. Depending on the amount I would splurge until the sun goes down. I’ll then go home to shower again and put on another spectacular fit.

I’ll then head over to Hyattsville Busboys and poets. I’ll swallow my pride and get up there and Perform. My poem being heard from my mouth.

The poem I would do would be haunted just because of Its something unique in my eyes. A subject I haven’t seen done there. Talk about depression and anxiety the two things that birth my spoken word appearances. Each stanza touching the souls of everyone in the room. Oohs and ahhs heard from all around the room.

The host and the painter take notice of the passion and pain in my eyes as I recite the words perfectly from my mind. Then everyone in the room joins together for applause. Then I go home with the biggest smile on my face. Then I’ll get a notification that says my single Being Black went number 1 on the billboards. That would be the best day ever for me.

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