It’s Out Now!

Weekly Thoughts 64: It’s Out Now!

 I released being black on Monday. I released it fast because I related to current events. When I do that I like to release it ASAP. Like war zone when I released that it was after the fact and my views had changed. So I wanted it out faster than usual. At the end of that piece, I could see someone getting mad at that. The fact I mentioned being black is like being targeted by Feds, Karens, and my own. Like literally last night there was a party in D.C that featured black people and 21 people were gunned down. Not all deceased, thank god. But we will literally ignore that as if that doesn’t matter. I get that all races kill each other for different reasons but that doesn’t mean that this action should still go unnoticed. Comparing 2 fucked up situations doesn’t excuse one situation.

The whole black lives matter stance is that when feds kill someone of color they walk free or get little time. Right now footage of old cases is being pulled out the vault of such battery against us and this is things we hadn’t seen before. The actual act of killing is wrong but the problem is the lack of consequences. I as a black human can gun someone down and never see the light of day again. A cop can do it and go home to his family that day. That’s the issue. The whole not all cops are bad is annoying too. All these cops have partners that watch them break the rules and they don’t say a word. So what makes them good? A little rant there but if you been following long enough then you would know I don’t like cops because I can’t read them. I can’t tell if they doing the job or are they trying to harm me. They literally pulled over kids in an SUV the other day and held them at gunpoint because they thought the tags on the vehicle matched the tags on a stolen motorcycle.

Black Lives Matter continues to trend but we are still harassed. Then some idiots still think Black Lives Matter means we matter more. lol, We literally have cases that 100% look like homicide ruled as suicide. Black people found hanging from trees ruled as suicide and you think we are saying we matter more. Not to compare us to animals but when you see signs that tigers are endangered do you ever say what about the lions? Or what about the elephants? The whole approach is that we matter too. Obviously we all matter but its no point in even arguing. We just want to be treated equally. The laws are supposed to apply to us all but it hasn’t been enforced like that.

 On to other news, I have been using this app called Wattpad and it allows you to release stories, poetry, and books. So I got a slight idea. I was thinking I do a little book there. I like spreading my art on every platform. So I was thinking of doing a Pieces Of K Poetry Volume 1 and just feature a bunch of poems that are on here and maybe a couple that’s not. What you guys think?

 My favorite social media is about to die for me. Tiktok has gotten me through this pandemic. When I’m bored and need a laugh I could go on there and just act a fool. It was kinda cool doing voice overs. As always recording poetry got my name a little more exposure. It was fun while it lasted. My so-called president will ban a social media app before he’ll arrest the cops that killed Elijah McClain & Breyonna Taylor.

 I have had the worst sleep pattern all week. This toothache I have is by far one of the worse ones I ever had. Feels worst than my root canal. I am in pain right now as I write this post. I promise I’ll get through this. I really hate my dentist but I’m going to have to go see him. Until then continue to stream & download being black.  Check out my previous posts until tomorrow. I have a special list ready to drop tomorrow along with another model dreams post. So follow me or check back tomorrow to view it.

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