Hey Depression 7 (Poem)

Hey Depression 7: I had a little bit of a meltdown. So as always I turned my pain into a poem. Here is what I came up with below. Also please check out my previous post Being Black.

Hey Depression 7:

Hey Depression
It’s been a while, buddy
I knew you’ll be back at some time
I always try to change the locks in this dome but you lock pick your way into my mind

So anyways how long are you going to stay
Probably till eternity right
No matter what I change
You’re always within range

Reminding me not to let the blood get too close
Because of all the pain, they caused
I know it was a long time ago
But I can’t forget
I have too many regrets

The more they apologize
The more tears I cry
Not tears of joy but tears of hopelessness
They only apologize when they see you hurt
Not because they realized their wrongdoings

I don’t want a pitty-pat on the back
I want my time back
But that’s not how life works

Hey depression part seven
I thought after 6 you’ll be in heaven
But I guess some things never change

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