New Song!

Weekly Thoughts 63: Another week in the books. Now is the time to reflect on everything that happened. 

 I gave this artist an idea and he came back with this below. I wanted something serious but this was too dope for me not to use it. So I’m probably going to drop it this week. I just love making spoken-word audio tracks. So much that I have an idea for it coming to the blog soon. Follow to stay tuned.


 I went on a food raid recently. Have you ever ate so much over a brief time and thought I definitely gained weight? No, just me. Well, I thought after eating fast food three times this week, I thought I gained it all back. I stepped on the scale to see that I stayed the same. I won’t make that type of eating a habit but I’m glad I didn’t move up. 

New Month, New thoughts. I sadly didn’t do much this week. So this blog post was pretty short. I hopefully will have more things to talk about next week. Hopefully, the audio for Being Black will be out. Most likely it’ll be on Soundcloud first. So follow me there. See you all next week. Until then follow the blog IG @Piecesofkblog for updates on the blog and poetry quotes. Follow My regular IG @K.exum for my goofy self.


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