July Results 2020

July Results 2020: Time to wrap up this month with a little poem and a list at the bottom. Follow this blog for more poetry. Also, let me know which poem was the best between July Goals 2020 and this one below.

July, July you went by so fast

I guess time flies in a pandemic

Everyday wearing a mask

Trying to stay safe


Asthmatic pump in my pocket

Glasses fogging up from the heat touching my eye sockets

Still, I try to get my views up like a rocket

Ah enough of the rhyme schemes


They say if you rhyme too much you’ll lose sight of the poem your creating

That’s something that’s not up for the debating

When it came to creating a story


I still had a writers blockage

I think the stoppage

Of me, writing stories made it hard for me to try again

Haven’t written a story since Charles Levi 2

But nonetheless, these are just excuses


That will be defeated soon

Defeated like my sales goal

I received an audible sale this month

Also a couple of streams for hotel this month

I got 1,000 views too


But the one thing I wanted so badly

Was 280

And still no completion

I’m so comfortable right now when I look in the mirror

For a long time, I cried when I saw the mirror


Now I stare at the mirror for hours

And just smile from ear to ear

I no longer have male breasts that sag


My belly no longer pokes out like Pinocchios nose when he lies

I no longer hear my breathing when I walk

And when I post pictures all the girls stalk

Ok ok kidding on the last one


Or maybe I’m not

But this month is tied together like a knot

Now I look forward to what August has in store

Hopefully positive news


  1. Get to 280
  2. Write a Story
  3. Get A sale on my book, The Story Of Charles Levi ✅ Sold an Audible
  4. Get a sale on my Single, Hotel✅ Received a couple of streams this month. So Grateful
  5. Reach 1,000 views

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