Writing Prompt #73

Another Wednesday and another writing prompt. This prompt I sadly didn’t keep the creators social so here I will do it anyway. Enjoy!

Writing Prompt #73: Something that you had that was stolen

I remember it was a hot summer day

It was the neighborhoods special day

There were moon bounces all around

Kids running and playing around

The smell of hot dogs and burgers filled the air

Loud hip hop classics playing through speakers

I was outside my aunt’s house with some friends

I was sitting on my silver BMX bike with black handles bars

For some odd reason

I thought it was a good idea to leave my bike outside

While I go inside

Boy I was wrong

I came back outside to see my cool BMX bike gone

Along with my so-called friends

That was the last day I saw those friends

Till this day I still can’t remember their names

Nor have I seen that bike ever again

That is the story of when I so call lost something

But I learned not to trust everyone

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