Lost Dog!

Weekly Thoughts #62: Lost Dog!

 This week was quite normal aside from the headline. I made another spoken-word audio track. From this week’s poem, Being Black. I think I’m going to just put it out sometime this week just because. I’m brainstorming a cover as we speak. Probably be something quick. I think I may use the same artist that did my last one. He also did this cool one that I haven’t released. God, I create so much I forgot about that one.

 I don’t know what’s been going on lately. I have just been recording tracks more than ever. Like 2 or 3 every night. My daughter (MacBook) is still down so my best friend that I have known for 9 years lent me his. Hey, what are friends for? For times like this.

 Now on to the headline of this post. I didn’t lose mines, thank god. But someone in my neighborhood did. The dog wandered through the neighborhood until he landed on my street. My sister saw him and went into rescue mode. She picked him up and we went on an adventure to find his home. He had a collar but no tags. Aside from that literally every door that we knocked on, every human we encountered had the same statement to say. “I have never seen this dog before.” Is what I heard the whole 2 in the half hours that we were traveling around.

 So to make a long story short. The owner wasn’t home when his dog went missing. Someone in his house lost the dog. When he arrived home we were coming down the street with his dog. We didn’t accept any rewards just knowing a dog was reunited with his owner was enough joy for us. If my nephew was ever in that position I would hope someone would search for us too. Lucky was his name and it was nice holding him for a while. The good thing about that whole experience was everyone seems to know where my nephew lives. So that’s good. I was going to do a storytime but decided not to.

 This month went by so fast. I’m looking at the July Goals now like this month went by so quickly. I completed one thing so far. The others are hard and I set them. Make a sale on my book  and on my spoken word single. The story goal is about to get deleted from the list. I just can’t get in that zone of writing a story. Poetry is so easy for me to write. But stories now is tough. I’m going to really sit down and try today. I have a few ideas written down.

 I’m about to go do that now. If you want a lost dog storytime let me know in the comments. View my previous posts that you may have missed. I’ll leave a link to all the posts from this week down below. Follow this blog for more creations by me. Follow the blog Instagram @piecesofkblog for updates and my personal Instagram @k.exum. Until next time, remember every day is History In The Making, so Make each day count towards your goals. See you next week.


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