Being Black (Spoken Word)

Today’s Weekly Poem is Titled, Being Black. It’s my take on what it’s like being black. This poem was originally posted on my Ko-fi page. So for exclusive posts follow me there.

Being black 

Is like having a target symbol painted on my face

I got to constantly look over my shoulder 

Cause I know a Karen is holding hate in her heart that is as big as a bolder

Cops ready to empty the clip because they can

How to get away with murder, just become a cop

How they do a home invasion and end with a murder and they still a cop

Got to say a prayer before bed like god please don’t let the police run-up in my crib and kill my family and me

Suspect in custody, but she died in her sleep

Or please don’t let me eat some ice cream in my crib and catch a bullet from a veteran cop

Lord, don’t let me get stopped tomorrow and have a fed put his body pressure on me until I lose my breath

I bet they’ll try to say he had asthma, and it was hot, that’s why he passed 

I’ll be another nigga dead and gone they’ll probably catch on later like they did Elijah 

Being black is like being targeted by the feds, Karen’s and my own

Because a nigga will put me in a grave just to get these foams off my feet

God forbid I have on my chain they going kill me just for the ice on my neck

Kill me because they thought I was with a set

They’ll kill me because of where I live

Fuck, they’ll even shoot toddlers like what the fuck they do?

This Skin makes me feel like I will never win

You can paint every street in the world, but it still feels like this shit won’t ever end

Shit feel like it won’t ever end


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