Writing Prompt #72: What would your personal hell look like?

Good Morning Everyone! Time for another Writing Prompt Wednesday. I decided to do a couple of Haikus for this prompt. Today’s Prompt is from @Smilingatmysandwich on Instagram. As always, like, comment and follow this blog for more.



My personal hell

Would look like America

Where killers wear badges


Haiku 2:

Warrant for someone arrest

They already had the guy

Still, they took a life


Haiku 3:

Free is what they are

In a grave is where she sleeps

What crime was committed?


Haiku 4:

Chant her name chant it

Ignore like we don’t exist

Can they arrest them


Haiku 5:

Black lives Do matter

That doesn’t mean yours doesn’t

Means we need help too

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