Eventful Week

Weekly Thoughts 61: Eventful Week

This week has been very eventful. Naya Rivera being found nearly a week later after she went missing. I was hoping she was lost somewhere. Not even a fan but just seeing her pictures and her memories made me want to see her alive still. Now knowing she died saving her son brings a little closure.

Megan thee stallion gets shot. Can’t lie, I felt torn like I know her or something. I’m a fan not a hot boy but close to it. That was hard to even see how the feds were just watching her bleed while keeping the guns pointed at her and her friend. I wonder why they didn’t treat her like Dylan Roof. But nonetheless, they took her to the hospital so maybe they gained a slight point. I mean really you got a woman backing up to you with her hands up bleeding out and your so confusing with your commands. First, it’s left then right like what are you doing? Help her, the fuck. Then they made the other girl spread her legs like are you a cop or Harvey Weinstein. Those things just didn’t sit right with me.

The alleged shooter had me shocked slightly. It was too many hints dropped. So I kinda knew from all the hints but didn’t want it to be true. Not really a fan of his but just didn’t want it to be true. It still may not be true says social media. But the memes are annoying. What if that was your sister, mother, aunt, grandma who just got shot by a short person would you still think it was funny? No, you wouldn’t give a flying fuck about the height difference. It’s not funny. 

Nick Cannon’s posts look kinda suicidal. Man, my heart can’t take any more. He not my idol but I like his work and work ethic. He has his hands in a lot of different places. Rap, acting, hosting, and spoken word. I don’t know if I said it here before but I first started writing poetry after viewing one of his spoken word poems.

When it comes to his posts about whatever that offended some. I don’t get it enough to give you a clear judgment. The animals part was the only one I understood. It was just one mistake out of a billion great things he did. Like protesting with the people. This time and all the other times’ people ignored. Creating and Hosting a show that put hundreds maybe even thousands of talented people on the big screen. Some didn’t like his raps but they were dope to some. His spoken words are dope if you ever listen to them. Lastly, I’m 100% sure the little kids he made will be legends one day.

I wrote that part like he was reading. I don’t usually talk about celebrities only when I have deep feelings or concerns about them. Forgot to mention. I hope Tamar Braxton survives her alleged suicide attempt. I’m writing this on July 17th right now so I hope she pulls through. Not really a fan just don’t like to see people die.

Lastly, I finally took another trip to the park. I had a perfect place planned. But due to corona, it was closed. So I took it upon myself to redo Lake Artemesia. I wore a couple of new clothes that I have been able to wear since my weight loss. Including my xl apparel shirt that went perfectly with my hornet themed Air Force ones. Then I had on my super skinny boohoo jeans and a boohoo shirt. I will probably upload the pictures gradually. I really don’t want to flood them just 1 or 2 a week. You can check out the outfit on my personal Instagram @k.exum.

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