Why? (Poem)

Just up early. It’s currently 4 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Anyways I had somethings on my mind and decided to write it out. Hope you like it, comment and follow for more.


Why do I feel pain for you when I never met you?
Why does your pain make me want to grab some tissue?
And wipe away the dry tears from my melanin skin
I’m merely just a fan who never seen you in person
But still, this worried feeling seems to worsen
As I wait for an update on your conditions
Another chime another notification
But it’s not you, just another blogger with a theory
Another person that wasn’t there
Just injecting their lying conspiracies
Into a celebrity life like they’re inhuman
They always say you should expect this treatment when you become a celebrity
Like when did they trade in their human card
Does this card mean they don’t have a heart?
Does this card mean their not allowed to feel anymore?
Personal and family information just becomes everyone’s business
I pray I see the day all the tea pages get some of the karma they applied
To human lives
For another comment and another like
Another follower that’ll down the human as if they don’t matter
But why?

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