Writing Prompt #71: The day you met me

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Writing Prompt #71: The day you met me


The day you met me 

I wasn’t ready

Physically I was confident

Mentally I was at my lowest point

Sometimes I was happy and eager to see you

Other times the voices had me wanting to see Jesus

I know you wanted me more than ever you expressed it to me

I could see us together

You liked taking flicks

Since my weight loss that’s all I like to do

But I knew

You were hiding something

One day you told me

What happened between you and dude and my heart folded

My eyes were filled with more water than a river

And I wanted to weep and weep until I fell asleep

The day you met me I was broken

But you were even worse

Such a beautiful woman that carries such a burden

That I wish I could close the curtains on

I always said my past tied the knot to me and depression-like it was a priest

But what you went through I know depression is like your soul mate

I wish you didn’t suffer that faith

I wish I would’ve been known you and could have saved you like Clark Kent

I had a traumatic experience close to yours but I can’t imagine the pain you sustained

At the hands of that devil

The day you met me I was broken

But you were worse and I wish I could take the pain from you

I just want you to be healed

I wish I could have been your shield

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