Dear NFL (Poem)

Dear NFL,

Please don’t act like you care

For years

This man had no job because he took a knee on your field

Because justice for cops killing black folks hadn’t been served

We are and been getting murdered

By the same people, you look at as a hero

Since taking a knee his bank account has lost zeros

Been talked down upon by your media

Now you’re changing the anthem-like that’s going to erase anything

We have been driving around with the anxiety and thought that we won’t make it home

Do you know what that feels like, do you?

Lights flashing in our rearview

Cops pulling guns on us

We say we didn’t do anything but our voices are muzzled by bullets

Knees on our necks

We say we can’t breathe

But we are still killed

We marched with no media behind us

We thought we had a leader when he took a knee for us

But you took away some of his buzz

When you excluded him from everything

While our voices were muzzled by your actions

Now you have compassion

Seems like your saving face

Companies changing every little thing they think is racist or will hurt the black people so they can save themselves from the embarrassment

A king took a knee for justice and was met with harassment

You even went as far to cut his name out a song like it was cuss word

His voice is something you didn’t want heard

Now your voice shouldn’t be heard

Don’t change cause it’s trending

If your all about changing then why he don’t have a jersey on his back?

He being Colin Kapernick

I know you didn’t like hearing his name

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