Blog Issues!

Weekly Thoughts 60: Blog Issues!


Let’s wrap up week 60. Nothing extravagant to talk about really. I’ll try to come up with something. As of Sunday, my feet are still dead from Wednesday. Wednesday was so hard for me. I walked around an American football stadium 3 times like I do every morning. Then decided to walk with my cousin to a shopping center like 2 miles away from my home. For no reason at that. I was back home by maybe 12 pm. But still needed to finish the writing prompts that I promise to write and release in last week’s weekly Thoughts. I ended up not getting that done. Only did one prompt and could barely do that because I couldn’t think of anything. I literally sat and looked at the computer screen for hours as I fell in and out of consciousness. 

 My head was spinning this week from buying the perfect theme but still having trouble with viewing my blog. For some reason earlier in the week if you had clicked the link in my bio on Instagram or a link on Pinterest you’ll get the footer and header but no content. I had seen this before but it was a simple click that fixed it. But this time it wasn’t so simple. It may be the theme I thought. But I didn’t want to change it. So I was just lost. WordPress’s help center suggested it was the theme. The themes company offered to fix it they just needed my login. Yeah sending my login to someone just didn’t sit well with me.

 Now it’s Saturday and I think I figured out the problem. One of my plugins was corrupt I think. I unplugged some that weren’t being used and it’s back to normal. So I’m happy again. But being stuck made me realize I need to learn a little more about WordPress. Some of the tips they were giving me on google had so many acronyms that left me dumbfounded. I felt uneducated while trying to fix it. I don’t like that feeling.

 Did anyone try writing a cinquain poem? I think I might do some more of them just because it’s a challenge. I want to try writing a narrative poem. You know a storytelling poem written as the narrator. I think it will be fun to write about. I’m just trying to think of a good story. A good story that doesn’t include the world today. Maybe fantasy. I have not written anything in that field. I have an idea written down somewhere that I may put to use soon.

Lastly, I reached the highest amount of likes on my Instagram post. I did another transformation picture. This weight loss journey is insane. I can’t believe it sometimes. When I look in the mirror I can’t help but smile from ear to ear. Just the other day I put on under armour compression pants and danced a little. When your pants size is 5xl and 6xl you have no choice but to dream about wearing those types of clothing. I have been splurging lately. I brought some boohoo men’s jeans. I can’t believe I can buy from them and their clothes actually fit me. I brought fashion nova the other day. I brought 2 shirts and I picked the highest size thinking it would be too small. When I received the shirts they were the opposite. I’m about to let out a tear of joy. I did it. I’m finally in a position where I can wear what I want comfortably. That’s all I ever wanted.

Here’s the post by the way.

Well, that was my week. Make sure you check out this week’s posts. Let me know what was your favorite post from this week. Between Model Dreams #110, What’s Next Short Poem, Writing Prompt 70, and How to Write A Cinquain Poem. Leave the comments below.

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