Let’s Write A Cinquain Poem

Let’s Write A Cinquain Poem?


A cinquain poem follows a certain rule within its format. They go by syllables and sometimes the number of words. Also can be created by using different parts of speech.


The number of Words Method:

Line 1 = 1 word

Line 2= 2 Words

Line 3= 3 words

Line 4= 4 words

Line 5=1 word


I really don’t like limitations when writing but I still gave this a shot and I encourage all of you to step out your comfort box. Give it a try even if it sounds bad.

So here are my versions


First Poem:


Hate this

Hate limiting creativity

This is getting annoying



2nd Poem:


Is stupid

Shoot like Cupid

Killed because of skin



That might have been worse than the first


3rd Poem:


Is racist

I look suspicious

Means Blacks are here



Okay moving on. Let’s do one based on syllable count. Just a reminder they don’t have to rhyme but I like to rhyme.


The Syllables Method:

Line 1=2 syllables

Line 2=4 syllables

Line 3=6 syllables

Line 4=8 syllables

Line 5=2 syllables



Waiting for cuffs

Instead I see bullets

Flying my way as I’m killed now

I’m dead


That was kinda fun. I know counting syllables can be hard so I used this site to check https://www.howmanysyllables.com/syllable_counter/



The Parts of Speech Method:

Line 1=noun

Line 2=2 adjectives

Line 3=3 -ing words

Line 4=a phrase

Line 5=another word for the noun from line 1

My Poem: 


Suspicious, Guilty

Selling, Jogging, Sleeping

Are Still killed



Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/article-poetic-forms

This is the source where I got the idea. Thank you all for viewing. Show me your versions in the comments below. See you next time with more poetry. If you haven’t already check out my ABC Poem.


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