Writing Prompt #70

Writing Prompt #70: Write a poem about your own name (the history of it, it’s meaning, how you feel about it, if it’s changed over time- anything) This prompt is from @smilingatmysandwich on Instagram.


Kenneth means handsome

To me, it was my father’s name and now it’s mines

I never really liked the name so I just go by K or Kenny

But changing my name is beneath me

It’s just not that serious

But If I ever have a son then his name won’t be Kenneth

2 is enough

2nd Poem:

I remember asking my parents why did they pick the name, Kenneth

I knew it was my pops name

But why it had to be my name?

My mom said they chose the name because my pops didn’t like the name she wanted

I had to know her idea it was weighing on me

She said, Timothy

No disrespect to all the Timothy’s

But I bust out laughing

The worst part was the nickname she had was Tim-Tim

I think it was only funny because I grew to be 6’3

And most of my life I was obese

So I know I would have been roasted heavily in my community

But who knows how it would have worked out

Those are just some of my doubts

Tell me what your almost names were

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