What’s Next? (Short Poem)

What’s Next?

Started the year with a short story
It was the first story published since my failed book in 2016
But I never quit, I had to keep going
Dropped Hotel because my mind was scrambling in this quarantine
Then war zone because all the unjustified killing

Now I’m trying to pick what’s next up
I can go back to my roots and take the emotional route
Or should I drop something different like some storytelling
That’s compelling
And will hook the listener from the first stanza

Or should I do something a little more personal
Or should I come with the second installment of The Story Of Charles Levi
Or maybe the second rise
To the naked eye
I don’t be doing anything

But I have been creating
Now I’m stuck debating
What’s next?
Anything I put out will be my best
Just need to choose

Do you have a clue?

What it feels like to be doubted every time you pick up the pen

But I know in the end

I will win

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