New Blog Look!

Weekly Thoughts 59: New Blog Look!

 Did I overshare in June results 2020? I think I am oversharing sometimes. But it just feels right at the moment. I think or talk about suicide and depression too much. I’ve noticed that. Especially when I read old poems. 

 The new blog look. Are y’all liking it? I liked the old one but didn’t like the plain white background too much. The puzzle pieces seem like a perfect match but I think I still need some work. I think the only thing I don’t like is how it looks on the phone. On a desktop, the 3 latest posts are on a slide. But on the phone, it’s just stacked on top of each other. Also no space for a search icon. So expect changes maybe even today as I’m writing this on July 4th.

 Okay, it’s now Sunday and I have changed the blog theme again. I loved the puzzle piece background but I think I want a custom background made. Anyways, I’m liking this new look. I brought a pro theme this time. It has a lot of potentials. I think this is a keeper. I have a lot of space for widgets. Widgets are like little plugins to add more depth to your site. For instance, my book section at the bottom or also known as the footer is a widget. Also all the other icons down there are indeed widgets. I have space to do widgets on every page with this theme. So more changes coming in the future.

 2020 has been a hell of a year for my spoken word. I have been creating more than ever. I have released two that being hotel and war zone, and I don’t plan on letting up. I have a piece that I think I released here or did a video on my other Instagram @k.exum. It’s called old friends 2. I had a cover made but I’m so excited to release this other one. It’s called Goodbye Text. I listen to this almost every day. It needs some work though, production-wise. It’s great and it’s different. I like being different.

 Last week I was rethinking my blog. I decided to release less and boy I was bored. Just releasing daily is fun. It’s so routine to the point I didn’t feel right not doing it. Views wise I went up 30 views from last week. But still its something I’m not going to try again. I may do 5 posts a week. Aiming for 3 is just barely trying.

 This week was good. No real issues with me mentally. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing another chapter in my diary. The world is opening up I see. My gym is open but I don’t see me stepping foot in there. I’m rambling at this point. I’ll be posting some new poetry next week. Be sure you check out this week’s poem, BLM, and check out my ABC Poem. I’ll be posting a Cinquain Poem this week. So get ready for that post. Also, I missed a writing prompt Wednesday. So I plan on doubling up this week. So follow this blog for more posts. 

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