June Results 2020

June Results 2020:

June, the month of fun is done
Many protests from the shadows
As dozens of people came to do battle
After another soul was taken away
By them boys in blue that rock a badge

A badge that has more blood on it than a used tampon
We ask for justice for the lives we lost to the police
But instead, we get beaten by the police
Rubber bullets to the face
Protests ending in gunfire that claimed the life of David McAtee

How did we ask for the killing to stop and get killed some more?
The shit that hurts my core
Is seeing people protest against us like they got problems too
My fist up because my people dying
And your shouting like you dying too

Getting off topic but I wish you can stop it
I can’t begin to understand your logic
If I get shot and I’m bleeding out
And you’re perfectly fine
Why should you call a medic to check on yourself?

When I’m the one that needs help
Floyd on the ground can’t breathe
And you wanna argue that everyone matter
Like when did someone say you didn’t
Feel like you don’t like that black in front of the matter

Why are we so fucking scattered?
Supposed to be talking about myself but I’m so scattered
Why do my people get beaten and battered?
Families have been broken apart because a fed was bored and killed their father

Knowing cops barely get more than 10 years in the prison
Same line every time
I was scared
Like you the one who was standing in front of the gun about to lose your air

How you choke me but you the one filled with fear?
How is that even a logical excuse?
But they don’t care about my blues
They can’t when they hold them confederate flags on their shoulders
So much hate in your souls must be as heavy as a bolder

I don’t want to scold you
I want to love you but why you hate me?
I can’t hate my skin
I can’t tear myself down
Why don’t I get to grow old and be grown?

We all humans why the fuck are we fighting?
My brothers dying for streets that’s not their own
My sisters being killed by weird niggas or going missing
Feds not looking

Shit go deeper than 1 death
That’s the part they don’t get
But what’s the point of speaking they don’t seem to give a fuck?
Woman killed in her sleep and we want justice
But instead, they paint some fucking streets

Our cry’s is just smoke in mirrors
Losing site of myself
As I try and refocus on my goals
To be honest my mind has been running in circles
But I have to keep composure

As far as my goals go
I failed most of them
Only thing I did was read 2 books
I couldn’t get a sale on my own book
Maybe it wasn’t as good

Or my marketing skills still need improvement
Sometimes I think maybe I’ll be better if I was an HBCU Student
But I never liked school
To ever use the school as my tool

Didn’t help that I was an obese 6 footer
I think I was always scared of not gaining knowledge in college
Because my family would have forced me to be an athlete again
Oh the pain

From school, I never healed
Use to dream of being killed
By the man in the mirror
They say words don’t hurt

But when your own papa and mama talk to you like a nigga on the streets
I thank god I never brought that heater
Cause I know my brain would be on fire
Family crying because I sent myself higher

I have just been so distracted
Just need to retract
All the blood on my timeline got my mind gone
I’ll try to do better next month
This is the end of June Results 2020


This was a long one. I wanted to vent. If you read the whole thing then be sure to leave a comment down below. Follow the blog on Instagram, @Piecesofkblog. Here’s the traditional list down below.


June Results:

  1. Get to 280: Failed. I only made it to 288
  2. Write a Story: Failed because of procrastination
  3. Read a Book: Passed. I read 2 books
  4. Get A sale on my book, The Story Of Charles Levi: Failed
  5. Get a sale on my Single, Hotel: Failed

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