I reached 288!

Weekly Thoughts #57: I reached 288!

I’m really neck and neck with last year’s yearly views of 7,311. That’s crazy cause it’s only been half a year and we touched that. It blows my mind honestly. Also makes me want to post more and create more.

I took a so-called break from social media. Why? Its because I have been seeing so much death on my timeline and it’s been messing with my head. Almost all of them people dying looks just like me. I’m a black man in a country where a cop can get so-called scared when he has all the weapons and kill me and be believed. My parents can see the cop again and again on the street without ever being charged because it seems like their life is the only one that matters. Other than that people are being hanged and being ruled as suicide. Some black, some Hispanic. But how do I stay sane as my thumb slides on the screen over and over? So I wrote a poem called Break and then I stopped looking at social media. I still posted frequently but didn’t stay awhile as I usually do.

During my so-called hiatus from social media, I saw the NFL executives. At least one of them save face and say they support black lives matter. The funniest thing ever. They literally blackballed one of their players because he peacefully protested during a game. Now they’re for the same movement he was protesting about and openly spoke about. It’s hilarious to see these same people switch up because it’s trending.

Man, I remember doing some blogs about police brutality. I use to see comments about how not all cops aren’t bad and should get respect and blah, blah, blah. I think I deleted the comment. I wonder what that person thinks now. It’s like this, just because my experience isn’t your experience doesn’t mean I’m wrong. It doesn’t make you wrong either. This world is made up of different perspectives. The recent events are just a piece of what people with this skin experienced. Some cops are good but their quiet when bad cops are being overly aggressive with a so-called suspect.

I never really experienced police brutality. Thank god for that. I can’t imagine the PTSD people have from being beaten by cops with no justice being served. I think I was profiled once or twice. One being when I was a kid. Probably like 7 years old. I was running with some friends outside. We were probably playing throwback tackle or some other kid like games. When the recreational police saw us and we didn’t see them until we heard the police siren. They told us to come over. Then put us in cuffs I believe or just made us sit on the curb. It was like 4 of us. 2 friends and I think my brother. Around this time I was oblivious to police brutality. My mother came around the corner and seen me and cursed the police out. That was my first experience.

My second one was like 3 or 4 months ago. I was driving and I seen some officers drive past me as I was going forward. I had just left the gym. I turned down my street. Right before I hit the blinker to turn into my driveway they hit the lights. My heart was racing like a Nascar. They walked up and asked me where I was going. I said home. They asked where is home. I said right there and pointed to my house. They said okay and walked away. As they got in their car, they said my taillight was out. My taillight wasn’t out.

I don’t know why I shared that. Just felt like it, I guess. But I know there are some people now that can’t tell their experience and their killers can continue to do it again and again until their caught on video. Sometimes even a video doesn’t help the situation. It’s crazy honestly.

Okay moving on. I finally left the 290s. As of Friday, I’m officially at 288 pounds. I’m 18 pounds away from my new goal of 270. I recently changed my goal weight. I chose 270 for bragging rights. I just want to be able to say I’m 200 pounds down from my highest. Honestly, I’m so comfortable at the weight I am now. It’s hard to even push for more because I’m comfortable in my skin. Something I haven’t been able to say for a long time.

That’s the end of this post. I forgot to mention, I finally made my nephew an Instagram. He gave in after we had our talk.

I made his name @cnotedayorkie. C note is just one of the million nicknames that he has. But his real name is Celtic Pepe Hampshire, my sister gave him that name. That’s something I will probably mention on his page in the future. So follow him if you are into dog Instagrams or just dogs in general.

This is the real end. I’ll see you all next week with more poetry and fun little posts. Follow @piecesofkblog for more updates on the blog. You can also follow my main page @k.exum. I just hit 2,500 followers and look to grow some more. God, I have so many pages but I can manage. See you next week.

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