Break (Poem)


I think it’s time for a break
I keep looking over my shoulder thinking death is near
How am I living with fear in my own home?
Seen so much death online over the last couple of weeks got me second-guessing leaving home
Seen a man scream out for help all over the net

Until people got tired and started to protest
Some started fires
I would be a liar
If I said I was mad at that
I wasn’t happy either

I just understood it
They always campaigning bullying, like people rocking this skin hasn’t been bullied since the beginning of their existence
A protest against racism
Has been met with more racism

Hilarious people being nicknamed Tom and Karen
Because instead of minding their business
They decide to but in and question people of color because they feel they have a right to know everything
Judge people in gyms
Because you can’t believe they could live in your building

Bully a man on his property because you don’t believe he owns it
It’s really astonishing
There are animals in this world that prey on different animals
But never do you see a white dog treating a black dog differently

In the past 2 weeks, I have been seeing nothing but hangings
And I’m not talking about pictures
No people hanging from trees, not just people, Niggas
I thought it was 2020, not the 1960s
Teenagers killed the only thing that compared them all is the dark skin

Imagine dying because of how you look
A drunk man was just killed by police
They say he deserved it
If I was drunk and someone grabbed me then I’ll probably act the same way
I just seen a man get choked while not resisting so don’t tell me resisting is why he got killed

I have seen a white man pull a knife on a cop, not killed
I have seen a man beat a cop, not killed
I have seen a man hold a rifle in front of cops, not killed
Seems like when their black is when blood is spilled

All over the cement
So the people could see
Kids left with no father
Why do I even bother?
Talking as if my black Words is actually being heard

Why does black skin make you so mad?
That you can shoot me at a light
Or tie a rope around my neck
Or kneel on my neck
Until I take my last breath

Or interrupt my sleep with nothing but hollow tips
8 times in my sleep like what danger could I have caused you in my dreams
Laws being passed in her name but not an arrest insight

Women going missing so much lately
Got me scared for the women out there
Seeing so much on my feed every time I scroll
I just need a break from it all
Switch my mindset a bit

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