Writer’s Block 2 (Poem)

Writer’s block 2

Another writer’s block let’s just write through it
I mean this worked last time
Who knows what will be spilled
The only thing has been on my mind is this black lives matter stuff
Do I want to fill my blog with that stuff?
Being fearful for my life even in my own home
Is starting to reserve space in my dome
Hearing others say it’s not that bad like how you going to tell me how I should feel
Then my killer will go on the stand and say they were scared like how you think I felt
They always free or get a light sentence and that’s the hand we have been dealt
Imagine sitting at home after a long day of work
You start thinking about the ice cream in the freezer
You get some then go to the couch to sit
Right when you start to lift the spoon
The door opens
It’s a woman
She pulls a pistol from her purse
Let off shots at point-blank range now you riding in a hearse
She goes to court and starts crying like she was on the other side of the gun
Like she didn’t take away someone’s son
Or imagine you laying face down on the ground
With a grown man’s knee on your neck
You can barely catch your breath
You scream out loud because you know your about to experience death
Other officers there but they not there for your help
Or Imagine your a kid playing with a toy
Then a cop pulls a gun and shoots you
Imagine living in a world where you have to fear your protectors
Imagine protesting for a better way
But someone protesting against you because they believe everyone matter
Like when did I say you didn’t matter?
When they kill your people you get justice
When they kill my people they walk free
That’s what I see
Or they get a sentence that’s shorter than a drug charge
Sometimes it doesn’t even have to involve police it could just be a father and son hunting a black man on his morning jog
They don’t get charged
For months and we had to beg for that
If it wasn’t for the video they probably would be enjoying a cold beer right now
Sitting on the couch
Probably go to bed
Go lay down and don’t have to worry about 3 feds shooting them 8 times in their sleep
I scream black lives matter not because I matter more
Because our deaths don’t get as much attention as yours
But sometimes I try not to look at the videos
Just because my skin matches the people dying in the videos
If you haven’t seen the videos you should check it out before it gets buried like the kid who just got found lynched
In Cali
Oh there was another lynching and another but they’re trying to rule them as suicide
But we all know that was a homicide
Off the topic of death
Should cops have guns?
I been hearing this defund the police talks a lot
But some tweets have said they shouldn’t have guns
But they know how to kill without a gun
So what will that solve?
I have no idea
I said I wasn’t going talk about BLM
But that’s the only thing that been weighing heavy on me
I got a slight voice
A platform so I guess it’s my choice to say something
That kinda did help my writer’s block
I know BLM is not everyone’s cup of tea
But how it couldn’t be?
We all humans
All family
But some of us are being mistreated
How can you sit back and let it be?
What if the victims were you?
Would you want the world to let your killers go free?


 I tried to write about something different but I couldn’t. Sorry not sorry. I hope you enjoyed this post. Like, comment and follow for more. Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow with another written post.  Be sure to check out part 1 of Writer’s Block.

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