Choked (Poem)


This day keep roaming through my mind
The day I choked
It felt like my career was hung by a rope
Started to recite, that’s when my voice broke
Everything seemed blurry; I couldn’t even see what I wrote

I was supposed to get up there and speak so I could promote
What I wrote was so dope
But nope
I was too nervous
It was like my mouth was moving and I wasn’t controlling it

Although my voice was heard
I suffered
I couldn’t believe how bad it was going

I continue to keep flowing
Hoping my performance would start growing
While I kept going I was hoping no one would start roasting
The word’s on my phone felt like they were floating
I started going crazy

Worried about people hazing
As my legs and hands continued shaking
I thought I was fading
Before coming I thought it was going to be a walk in the park
Just glad to be showing off my art

I thought I had the heart
It felt like high school
As soon as my voice cracked
But this time I felt like I got off track

As the mic continues to slip out of my hands
Picturing the mic drop as I stand
As I continue to clench the mic
And recite

I had written crazy 2 a few days before
It was fresh
When I wrote it, it was 3 pages
By looking at the faces
I had their attention

I just couldn’t finish
I couldn’t even hear my English
I ended early
The day I choked would always be remembered
But could never hold me back
Because I will be back

Disclaimer: Mentioned about my experience in Story Time: Open Mic and Stage Fright. But this is just the poetic form. I hope after all this quarantine I’ll finally get back on stage. I choked 4 years ago and haven’t tried again. I know fear is just in my head. I just have to get passed it.

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