Writing Prompt #68

Writing Prompt #68: What are your fears?

I’m going to do a poem because I like writing poems.

Honestly, my fears are deeply rooted
In my ability to be better
Like if I never step out my comfort zone that’s a fear of mines
Cause I know I really want to shine
I have the grind

But I’m too comfortable in this zone
To ever step out
Never performing is a fear
I know I got the ability to create these spoken words
But can I actually stand up in front of a crowd
And speak aloud

Another fear would be never making my momma proud
So far I took the steps to make myself smile
And all I have received is an upside-down smile
I know that sounds wild
But that’s how I see it in my eyes

Another fear is never rising
Never being as big as the dreams in my head
I want to be a star before I’m dead
Not after

Those are most of my fears
Oh I’m a little scared of snakes
If I saw a snake I probably would try to escape
And I am also a little afraid of the little furry creatures they prey on
But that’s where the list ends
Tell me your fears in the comments

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