War Zone (Spoken Word)

War Zone (Spoken Word)

This is something I would have loved to push out last week but it’s never too late. This is the spoken word I was talking about in yesterday’s weekly thoughts. This is War Zone down Below. Stream everywhere https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kexum/war-zone-2

War Zone: 

Outside feels like a war zone 
A virus that can kill me if If A sick person comes close
Then it’s the same old pigs in the blanket trying to put me in a casket
People starting to take action
My people have gotten tired of being peaceful 

March for years and years
But they just choose to close their ears
Now buildings on fire 
Now their eyes open 
But their ear still close

Is burning down your city going to solve anything? 
Maybe so
Did being peaceful get us any where? no
Although Burning down stores won’t bring back the dead
It will definitely get us heard
Just had to be said

They don’t understand the pain
I understand the pain
Seems like the political only care bout gaining votes 
Not about helping us
While cops continue to let their guns buss

Who do you call when the feds are the ones shooting?
Not safe at home
Not safe while driving 
Not safe while sleeping
Not safe while talking 
Not safe while jogging
Not safe while breathing in this black skin

I can’t help but think I won’t make it when I hear those sirens blasting
Who do you call when the feds are the ones harming you?
But not all cops are bad
I'm sure the other cop watching them kneel on his body and neck
Wasn’t bad

Right? Until he watched that man take his last breath
I mean If I was with some dude and he shot another dude
That's called accessory to murder, therefore, I say every one of them in that video is bad
And every cop that choose to defend 
Should end up in the pen

It seems like every time I wake there's another video of us being beaten
Even in the DMV
Police are walking up on us and pushing
Now some of us are pushing back
I want to say no don't do that

But after getting bullied decade after decade
What do you do? 
From slavery To Segregation, To  modern-day racism
It's all the same
We  get killed while chilling in the crib

We even get killed while sleeping in our bed 
If we surrender we get nothing but led
If we surrender we turn into central park five

With this pigment how do you expect me to survive
It feels like I'm living in a war zone
I want to live just like you

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