June Goals 2020

June Goals 2020:

June the month of fun
Where kids usually get out of school
This time they’re already out
But stuck in the house

Some places they’re allowed out
June I look to not contemplating so much
And working out more
To hopefully lose more
And finally, accomplish our goal

Next, let’s write a story
I haven’t done one since writing Charles Levi 2
Still working to release that too

Next, I want to finish another book
I’m looking to get through my 2020 reading list
It’ll only make me a better person
To learn more cause learning is power
No matter how you do it

Lastly, I will like to try and get another sale on my book
Maybe the audible this time
I did the Ebook last time
Or should I focus on hotel
Oh well

Let’s just get to it


As always I shared a bad poem above. Maybe not bad but not good in my eyes. Just like to freely write. The usual list is below. Let’s get started on completing this list.Sometimes its good to plan.

June Goals:

  1. Get to 280
  2. Write a Story
  3. Read a Book
  4. Get A sale on my book, The Story Of Charles Levi
  5. Get a sale on my Single, Hotel

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