Right Way (Poem)

Right Way:

What’s the right way to do this protest?

You show pics of MLK marching peacefully

Without showing pics of them being sprayed by the firehouse water hose

Peaceful marches land on ears that are closed

Not deaf ones

Deaf is not being able to hear

They can hear

They just like to ignore

Let’s not forget all the times they let out police attack dogs on them

I guess y’all forgot about that too

Easy to forget not taught much about it in school

So what’s the right way?

March with our hands up and shouting Like that didn’t get us tear gas and mace

I’m just looking on like what’s this right way that has been spoken?

I keep hearing about voting

This didn’t start with trump

This was around before him and any camera phone was invented

How should we do this movement?

Whispers of just march peacefully

While we get beaten violently

You get what you give

No justice, No Peace

So what’s the right way?



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