May Results 2020

May results 2020

Time for the monthly wrap up

In the beginning, I said I was going stop eating

But I still didn’t complete my goals

I want it deep down in my soul

But my work ethic is still not matching my eating


But I will not be defeated any longer

I will get my will power stronger

With all my devices breaking down I should be focused on writing my stories

Not on trying to fix the devices


So my focus can still be out of range

Need to adjust my aim

And proceed with chasing my goals


I did enter a poetry contest within the first couple of days of the month

I want to win one

Just for some recognition


I did post every day

I didn’t let up off the gas

If I’m stuck in the house I mind as well write to let time pass

I wanted to not be depressed this month but I slipped into that mode

I wish I could escape this never-ending mode


I sometimes want to find the code

To these problems in my soul

That rips away time from my day

That makes me want to sleep just to escape the suicidal thoughts


I just want to make it out this house

Go somewhere far away

I expressed my thoughts on mountains but I just simply want to be free


Lastly, I stayed safe in quarantine

Left a couple of times to hang with friends that I knew since I was a teen

When with them is the only time I can be me

Without judgment


May is wrapped up and it’s time to discuss June

Follow the blog to stay tune

For my first post of June

At 1 am

My Results

  1. Get to 280✅
  2. Write a story ❌
  3. Enter a poetry contest ✅
  4. Post Every Day ✅
  5. Try not to get depressed ❌
  6. Stay safe in quarantine ✅

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