Wrong (Spoken Word)

For today’s throwback spoken word, I bring to you a spoken word some of you may already know. Wrong, is from my project Poetic Gift which is available on all streaming platforms. With everything going on I thought it’s something that can be read or heard doing this time. My heart goes out to everyone who was born with this color. It’s not easy feeling like a walking target. A felon since birth without ever committing a crime. I’ll leave the audio and a link to the project at the bottom of this post.


Taking a knee on the anthem was never about them soldiers risking their life for the flag
So passionate about the soldiers and the flag
But why most the vets on the street holding up signs
Can barely get a dime
Man that’s so sad

The knee was always for my black brothers getting gun down by the same people that rock a badge
And them judges letting them off easy
If you ask me this whole system is greasy
It seems like if I wanna kill a nigga I just don’t have to be a nigga
But it seems like they never see the big picture

Nah they ears closed because they too bitter
If it’s not happening to them then they don’t even care
The society that I can’t seem to bare
Burn shoes to take a stand against a brand
But the people getting killed by the police won’t make you take a stand

It’s alright fam
We know where you stand
That’s why I’m still rocking these foams

I bet you won’t ever get the message until people that look like you start getting hit with that chrome
I bet then you’ll open your eyes and see the wrong
But for now we on I own

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